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Diving And Kids

With their natural curiosity and affinity to water, children become excellent scuba divers.  We are committed to excellence in training and safety when it comes to your child. Our nationally recognized staff and programs have a proven track record.

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Before Any Inwater Training..

Will you require medical clearance for a course?

Please Review the Questions on the Medical Statement Linked below.  Any question that you will answer "YES" to will require a Doctors Approval.  Honesty in your answers helps us protect you during training.  We cannot offer medical advice.  Medical Statement.

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PADI Explorer Team Course

Course Cost $250.00 payable as listed below

For Kids 10 - 17 years old.

PADI Explorer Team Course - Click for Course Dates


PADI Explorer Team Expedition Dives - Click for Course Dates

Call 937-428-9836 to Register / Approximately 2 hours/Space is Limited!


Aquatic Realm Scuba Center - PADI Explorer Team Course

This program was written exclusively by Aquatic Realm Scuba Center and is designed to prepare kids to become certified divers OR allow Junior certified divers to continue to dive and build confidence in their skills and abilities.

How do you Get Started

Do First - $45.00  enroll in any regular scheduled Try Scuba class for an evaluation dive to ensure your child is ready for the course. Approx.: 2 hours.

Class 1 - $65.00  after successfully completing the Try Scuba dive then the next step is a pool training course that introduces gear assembly and comprehensive dive skills required for the Underwater Explorer course.  Approx.: 2 - 2 1/2 hours.

Class 2 - $140.00  now it's time for the academic materials and assignments for the Explorer course. This course uses the PADI Open Water Diver materials. At this class there will be classroom and pool skills to complete the course requirements to achieve the rating of Underwater Explorer. Approx.: 2 - 3 hours.

Monthly Team Expedition Dives - $35.00 each

On a monthly basis your Explorers attend adventure dives in the pool with other kids. They learn all kind of new activities, meet new friends and continue to improve their diving skills. Approx.: 2 hours

What is a Master Explorer?

When an Explorer team member attends 10 Expeditions they then earn the rating of Master Explorer. They may be ready for Summer Camp or full certification.

Certified divers can join the program too!

Pre-Registration is required. 937-428-9836 to enroll.

*Parent or Guardian Signature required on releases before participation and some medical conditions may prevent participation without a Doctors written approval.

Print Explorer Release Forms!