Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary Since 2000

Taking Ordinary To Extraordinary Since 2000

When you add passion for training to years of dive experience the result is our Dive Team.  With thousands of dives and hundreds of certifications our staff consists of the most professional divers you will find anywhere in this area.

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Companion Diving Courses:  The next level in the diving buddy system is here.  As a certified diver, when your friend or family member decides to take a dive course you can now join them at a lower fee, each course varies.  Have someone getting certified?  You get the benefit of any new training being taught but you also become a better buddy for your new diver. This applies to most of our courses as long as you currently hold that course rating, from Open Water to Rescue.  Restrictions and conditions do apply so ask for full details.


Computer Diving Program:  Dive computers are no longer a luxury or just for the serious diver. They are a very affordable necessity. It is the first piece of dive equipment a new diver purchases. Why not start your diving course using a computer instead of dive tables? Dive computers offer longer bottom times, accurate dive planning, controlled ascent rates and your own personal dive log and history.

You can try a dive computer for your confined and open water training in our computer diving program.  Your rental fee comes with instruction on how to use it AND your entire fee is applied to the purchase of a new computer if purchased within 30 days of rental period.  Choose from a wrist version, console version or fully air integrated version.  Enrollment in this program, replaces the use of the dive tables during training.


The Professional Fit Program: is only available from us because service and quality is our primary objective. We are proud to introduce a new level in service to our customers. Our "Professional fit program". You can't suck a mask to your face, or look at a picture to know if it will work for you. There is only one test for it, Dive it! Split fins or paddle? Only the kick in the water will tell you want works best for you. How about that BCD, do you want back inflation or full jacket? What computer is easy to read underwater? How can you buy underwater equipment without taking it under water? Would you buy a car from a picture only? The answer to all these questions is simple, you Dive it! We have expert sales people, trained dive professionals and a pool ready to allow you to make your own decision. The program is simple. If you are serious about buying, you purchase an equipment credit for the least amount of the product you are interested in testing. Dive the equipment, then apply your credit to the purchase. What could be easier? For complete details stop by the Dive Center today.