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Diving And Kids

With their natural curiosity and affinity to water, children become excellent scuba divers.  We are committed to excellence in training and safety when it comes to your child. Our nationally recognized staff and programs have a proven track record.

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Before Any Inwater Training..

Will you require medical clearance for a course?

Please Review the Questions on the Medical Statement Linked below.  Any question that you will answer "YES" to will require a Doctors Approval.  Honesty in your answers helps us protect you during training.  We cannot offer medical advice.  Medical Statement.

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SCUBA and Snorkeling Activites for Scouts

Discover Snorkeling           Try Scuba

Scuba Merit Badge           Snorkeling BSA Award           Scuba BSA Award

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Discover Snorkeling for Scouts- $35.00 (**Groups of 4 or More)

This activity is perfect for those that aren't sure about Scuba or just want to learn the proper Snorkeling/Skin Diving techniques. This course teaches the Snorkeling and Skin Diving skills to make it a fun and safe activity. We have custom designed games to enhance their learning. Ages 8 years and up and must be able to swim in water too deep to stand. About 90 minutes.

Required Release Forms for Activity          Contact Dive Center for Scheduling:  937-428-9836

Try Scuba for Scouts - $45.00 (**Groups of 4 or More)

Your Scouts will experience firsthand the thrill of being weightless while breathing on Scuba in our Heated Pool. We provide all of the equipment and Supervision necessary for this experience.For ages 10 and up. This single experience takes about 2 hours.

Required Release Forms for Activity          Contact Dive Center for Scheduling:  937-428-9836

Activities for Boy Scouts Only

Scuba Merit Badge - $695.00 (Boy Scout Activity / **Groups of 4 or More)

Your Scouts can become PADI Open Water Divers and complete the training portion of the Scuba Merit Badge. This special price includes online academic training, academic materials, pool and local open water training. Required but not included are dive boots, mask, snorkel and fins, quarry fees and transportation to courses. This gear is available to Scouts at special pricing. Pool sessions and one weekend of Open Water diving are required after completion of the academics. Group schedules are available. Parents and Siblings are welcome if space is available. Contact our Scuba Merit Badge Counselors at the Dive Center for complete details. Swimming Merit Badge and Open Water Diver certification are pre-requisites for the Scuba Merit Badge.

200 yd swim (any style) and 10 minute float required for certification.

3 Easy Payments

$190.00 Online Academics - payable to PADI when registered online through Aquatic Realm Scuba Center website

$275.00 - Confined water training & materials (sales tax on materials will be added) payable to Aquatic Realm Scuba Center at registration.*

$230.00 Open Water Training fees - payable to Aquatic Realm Scuba Center - upon completion of Confined Water training to register for open water dives.

*Must have Boots before Pool Sessions and Mask, Snorkel and Fins by the end of the Pool Sessions and before the Open Water Dives.Certain Restrictions apply and Additional Fees are incurred during Training.  Patch Not Included

Scuba Merit Badge Information.

Required Release Forms for Activity          Contact Dive Center for Scheduling:  937-428-9836

Snorkeling BSA Award- $50.00 (Boy Scout Activity / **Groups of 4 or More)

Following the guidelines from the Boy Scouts, we introduce your Scouts to the special skills, equipment and safety precautions associated with snorkeling. Scout must meet the BSA Snorkeling requirements for participation. Patch Not Included.

BSA Swimmer test is required. About 2 1/2 hours.

Snorkeling BSA Award Information

Required Release Forms for Activity          Contact Dive Center for Scheduling:  937-428-9836

Scuba BSA Award - $75.00 (Boy Scout Activity / **Groups of 4 or More)

This award is for Boy Scouts. They are introduced to the dive equipment, safety and general understanding of Scuba Diving. They will perform basic dive skills in our heated pool under the supervision of a Dive Instructor. There is a knowledge development and a pool session that provides a foundation for further training. Patch Not Included.

BSA Swimmer test is required. About 3 hours.

Scuba BSA Award Information.

Contact Dive Center for Required Release Forms and Scheduling:  937-428-9836

Check out our Emergency Management Preparedness Courses. We offer a variety of courses that are ideal for active Scouts and their Families.

We would be Happy to come and speak at your scout meetings about any or all of the Great Programs we offer for Scouts.  Please Contact us for Scheduling.Boy Scouts of America and PADI Banner 

**For Groups of 4 or more Customized Schedule Available.