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Aquatic Adventures begin with the Open Water Course and grow your passion by becoming a PADI Professional.

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Will you require medical clearance for a course?

Please Review the Questions on the Medical Statement Linked below.  Any question that you will answer "YES" to will require a Doctors Approval.  Honesty in your answers helps us protect you during training.  We cannot offer medical advice.  Medical Statement.

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Snorkeling Activities

Snorkeling is simple, fun, inexpensive, has no age barriers and can be experienced nearly anywhere. Make the experience even more enjoyable with a quick easy lesson. Call 937-428-9836 or come in to register for class.

We can assist you with your purchase, of proper equipment that you need for snorkeling.  Such as a properly fitting mask, snorkel, fins, snorkeling vest and other equipment that will may your snorkeling/skin diving more enjoyable.

After registering, save time, print Snorkeling/Skin Diving Release, complete and bring to your scheduled session.

Beginning Snorkeling: $35.00 - Designed for the snorkeler with little or no experience in the activity. We will introduce the options available in snorkeling equipment; show you how to properly fit a mask, snorkel and fins; how to use a snorkel for airway control and the proper fin strokes to glide comfortable over the surface of the water. Class time: 60 minutes. Minimum age 8 and must be able to swim.

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(Approximately 1 hour)

Advanced Snorkeling: $45.00 - Are you comfortable in the water with the equipment but want to get the most out of your snorkeling? Our advanced class will teach you basic communication signals, the proper way to clear water from your mask and snorkel, streamlined body position for optimum movement and simple breath hold techniques. Class time: 60 minutes. Minimum age 8 and have basic snorkeling skills.

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(Approximately 1 hour)

Open Pool - Snorkelers $35.00 -  Snorkeling Clinics, great time to work on your snorkeling techniques.   Minimum age 8 and have basic snorkeling skills.

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(Approximately 1 hour)

Skin Diver Course:  $55.00 - Take your passion for the underwater world to a new level. You will learn entry and exit techniques, equalization techniques, how to comfortably explore the underwater world up close with dive and surfacing techniques, buddy skill management, advanced airway control and underwater swimming on a single held breath.

Class time: 2 hrs. Minimum age 8 and must meet the advanced snorkeling requirements for enrollment.

Call to Discuss Scheduling Opportunities: 937-428-9836

Become an Underwater Photographer for Snorkelers: - How to achieve good results from underwater photography even if this is the first time you've used an underwater camera. Learn what you need, how to prepare your equipment and basic underwater photo techniques while diving in an environmentally friendly manner. Snorkeling skills are not taught in this course you must meet the Advanced Snorkeling or Skin Diver requirements for enrollment.

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