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Diving And Kids

With their natural curiosity and affinity to water, children become excellent scuba divers.  We are committed to excellence in training and safety when it comes to your child. Our nationally recognized staff and programs have a proven track record.

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Please Review the Questions on the Medical Statement Linked below.  Any question that you will answer "YES" to will require a Doctors Approval.  Honesty in your answers helps us protect you during training.  We cannot offer medical advice.  Medical Statement.

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PADI Seal Team Course

Course Cost $250.00 payable as listed below

For Kids 8 & 9 years old

Join the coolest club in town!

PADI Seal Team Logo

You learn to Scuba Dive and go on great adventures like training in Innerspace like astronauts, or discovering a wreck. What is it like to go night diving and how do you learn to identify underwater creatures? This is just another day of diving for the PADI Seal team member. It all starts with the Seal Team as you start the path to becoming a certified Scuba Diver.

How do you Get Started

Step 1 - Introductory Dive - $50.00   this dive in our heated indoor pool introduces your child to breathing underwater on scuba in a fun and safe environment. During this supervised session your child will be evaluated for continuing with the program. This step ensures that your child is ready to learn and will be successful in the program.  Approx.: 2 hrs.

Step 2 - Academic Training - $100.00  after successfully completing the pool skill training, the student will use the PADI Seal Team manual and video to study at home and come to an academic session for review and discussion. Price includes training and academic materials. Approx.: 2 hrs.

Step 3 - Seal Pool Skills/Equipment Training - $100.00  During this session you will continue diving and learn all the cool dive skills that you will use when you come to our monthly Seal Team Dives as a certified PADI Seal Team Member. The dive equipment handling and preparation will be introduced at this session. Approx.: 2 hrs.

Monthly Club AquaMission Dives:

On a regularly scheduled basis your seal will go on a 90 minute dive adventure. Each adventure offers a new and exciting dive experience. What is night diving like? How do you dive a wreck or study underwater creatures? The possibilities are endless. Once they complete 10 aquamissions they will receive their Master Seal Rating!

Pre-Registration is required. 937-428-9836 to enroll.


*Parent or Guardian Signature required on releases before participation and some medical conditions may prevent participation without a Doctors written approval.

Print Seal Release Forms!


PADI Seal Team Course

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PADI Seal Team AquaMission Dives

Club Dives Cost $35.00

PADI Seal Team Logo

Now that you're a Seal let's go diving! Check the schedule to see what’s happening and join other Seals and experience the following club dives.


CreatureID         Snapshot          Navigation     
Night          Wreck          Search/Recovery     
Inner Space          Environmental          Skin Diver     
Safety Diver          Shark Diver          Mystery Missions     

AquaMission club dives are $35.00 each and registration is required to insure proper supervision. 937-428-9836 to register.

A three mission dive card can be purchased for $90.00 (saves $15.00 and time on mission day). Most missions last about 90 minutes.

Call 937-428-9836 to Register / Approximately 2 hours/Space is Limited!

Click for Course Dates

Please Note, we Close the Activity the Wednesday before so we can schedule the required staff for our ratios!

Master Seal Team Certification Card

PADI Master Seal

Course Cost $35.00

Show the world that you are an AquaMission master. Attend 10 AquaMissions and earn the rating of PADI Master Seal. This is the highest Seal rating you can earn. So start diving!

So now that you have earned Master Seal what's next?

Check out the Underwater Explorer Program.