PADI Specialty Instructor Course

Course Specialty Fees Range Between $199 - $299 each

PADI Specialty Instructors are PADI Instructors who have met the requirements to offer courses in various special types of diving activities. These instructors have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to offer this training by continuing their education and/or gaining experience in a particular specialty diving area. Instructors must apply separately for each PADI Specialty Instructor rating.

There are several standardized PADI Specialty Diver courses that PADI Specialty Instructors may conduct which are supported by course outlines and various student materials. In addition, instructors may write their own distinctive specialty programs that they may offer upon approval from PADI.

When you find the area of diving that really interest you or want to improve your students diving skills, then move into the specialty courses. Specialties are a great way to expand your Professional Status.....Go for.....Master Scuba Diver Trainer!!!

 When you take the Specialty Instructor from a Course Director you will not only learn  how to teach the course, but you only have to have 10 experience dives in each particular specialty and no minimum number of certification dives.  If you choose to apply directly to PADI for the Specialty Rating, you will not gain the teaching experience from a Course Director, and you will have to show 20 experience dives in each particular specialty.


Training Kids Specialty Instructor - Authored By Course Director - Lynn Wickline


Please Contact Course Director Lynn Wickline 937-428-9836 or to discuss all of the possibilities available for your professional path.